The Friday of the Museum of Civilizations

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The Friday of MuCiv are held weekly from 16:30 all 18:30, They are also scheduled to meet several times that are reported in our calendar. For families are planned activities at the same time for children and young people in collaboration with Culture Aditum.

Until June 2019 events are free admission.

For activities at the same time provided for children and young people to contact Aditum Culture from Monday to Friday, 10:00-14:00, tel. 391 328 3400 – 06 54952 243. Cost. 5,00 € a person.


22 March - Conference 16:30

Meet Laura Giuliano "Exploring the Buddhist art of Gandh?out. Introducing a figurative phenomenon between East and West "

Conference room, Ethnographic Prehistoric Museum "Luigi Pigorini"

The North West India was, geographical location and historical tradition, the sub-continent area most exposed to contacts with the Western world. The conquest of these regions by Alexander left you a profound and lasting effect and had as one of the most interesting and useful meetings antiquity, that between the classical world and the diverse culture that characterized these border territories, exposed to influences and trends that coming over from India, Iran and Central Asia.

The flowering of the Gandh?ra between the first and fourth centuries of our era is the most striking outcome of the Hellenization of these territories, invigorated always new contacts with the Roman world, and now so deeply ingrained as to absorb an original synthesis of formal languages, symbolic and philosophical of the local culture, without distorting its origins, adapting to a Buddhist content.

29 March - Conference 16:30

Meeting with Francesca Morandini and Marco Merlo "The ideal Lombard warrior in the Santa Giulia Museum in Brescia"

Conference room, Ethnographic Prehistoric Museum "Luigi Pigorini"

When it comes to the Lombards the first image that takes shape before our eyes is that of weapons and a warrior who wears or wields.

The Lombard warrior is a topos in the collective vision of the Middle Ages, and for the importance that this figure clothed in their social group, and because a large part of our knowledge about the Lombards we derive from the necropolis, contexts in which emerges strongly, by findings, the company's desire to represent the majority of the men's team as warriors.

In the conference it will be presented not only the ideal warrior outlined through the finds from the Lombard necropolis of the Brescia area but also the museum in which the exhibits are on display, the monastery of Santa Giulia, founded by Desiderio, last king of the Lombards.

The exhibition "The ideal warrior" was organized between the Santa Giulia Museum in Brescia and the Museum of Civilizations in a project of exchanges between museums sponsored by UNESCO site "The Lombards in Italy. The places of power (568-774 d. C.)”.

5 April - Guided tour 16:30

Meeting with Rosa Anna Di Lella "The traditional shops of the blacksmith and farrier in Italy in the twentieth century"

Museum arts and popular traditions "Lamberto Loria"

19 April - Guided tour 16:30

Meeting with Alessandra Sperduti "Life Stories. The ancient Romans recounted by science "

Science Fair, Ethnographic Prehistoric Museum "Luigi Pigorini"

26 April - Guided tour 16:30

Meeting with Gaspare Baggieri "The disease of shame"

Museum Middle Ages "Alessandra Vaccaro"