First weekend of March with many events and exhibitions to visit in the museum in the City of Rome

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eventi primo weekend di marzo nei musei del comune di Roma


Friday 1, Saturday 2 is Sunday 3 March 2019 continue the activities in the Capital City Museums with exhibitions and educational activities for adults and children, promoted by Roma Capitale, Assessorato alla Crescita culturale – Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali.

Inoltre, per la prima domenica del mese, the 3 March 2019, ingresso gratuito nei Musei Civici per i residenti a Roma e nella Città Metropolitana.

Friday 1 e sabato 2 marzo dalle 19.30 all 23.00 (ultimo ingresso alle ore 22.00) you can learn about Ara it was through a multimedia project using special viewers where virtual elements and real elements merge. Visitors are transported to a visit immersive, multi-sensory altar by Augustus to celebrate the peace which he set to one of the largest empires ever existed. experience, including 3D reconstructions and computer graphics, virtual and augmented reality, last about 45 minutes, It is available in 5 languages: italiano, English, French, Spanish and German. The viewers are not usable under 13 years.

Over the weekend are scheduled, Moreover, Guided tours led by specialists within the project Museums of accessibility to touch, conceived with the aim of creating museums 'without borders', to measure all, and provide the entire public the opportunity to gain access to museums and archaeological sites structures, facilitating access to cultural heritage and aggregating the best practices aimed inclusion.

Friday 1 marzo dalle 15.30 all 18.00 it is expected the appointment Pets on hand at the Museum of Zoology: some of the exhibition rooms have been enriched with locations that include both three-dimensional models and scale models and zoological finds, offering visitors the opportunity to visually impaired to know the shape and size of the finds.

On March 1, the 10.30 all 13.00 Also the Museum of Ancient Sculpture Barraco offers tactile exploration: a rich and complex path, which allows a journey from the Near East to the Rome of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, through the discovery of a selection of pieces very significant and great charm.

See with your hands: feel the difference, perceive materials, know the stories is the educational initiative at the Musei di Villa Torlonia, Saturday 2 marzo dalle 11.00 all 13.30. In addition to illustrating the historical and artistic events of the villa and its buildings, Sensory exploration protagonists are some sculptures made at the end of the eighteenth century by the sculptor, restorer and fine antiques, Bartholomew Cavaceppi.

Finally, The masterpieces of ancient sculpture Montemartini is the visit of 2 March to a selection of classic works and artefacts related to the industrial archeology in the former Montemartini Power Plant, where boilers and turbines are complemented by works of ancient art.

The tactile-sensory tours are special tours for the public visitors with disabilities. Reservations required number 060608 (daily hours 9.00 – 19.00).

It intensely celebrate Carnival at the Museum of Zoology starting from Friday 1 March through to dinner with…magical animals 3, an educational initiative for children between 7 e i 9 years, give her 19.30 all 22.15. An extraordinary evening in the Museum to find out what magical superpowers possess many animal species. Armed only with a lot of courage, participants divided into teams will be able to wander through the exhibition halls in search of valuable clues, They will engage in tests of skill and ingenuity and play together to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of animals! And in the end ... pizza for everyone!

The fun continues Saturday 2 March (ore 15.30 e 16.45 per 5-8 years) with mask Animals, an opportunity to discover, in a thrilling exploration of the Museum, colorful liveries, fascinating and suggestive shapes and the most amazing species of our planet. Each participant is finally involved in the realization of a special animal mask.

Saturday 2 is Sunday 3 March returns from Fear A Night with the special participation of Dr.. Stellarium and mobile planetarium. An extraordinary initiative that provides the opportunity to spend a whole night in the museum and experiencing unforgettable experience. The reception of the boys is scheduled for hours 21.30 and the deadline for the hours 8.30 the next morning. For children 9 to 12 years.

Finally, Sunday 3 March at 10.30 Science family: “Museum in costume”, for children 3 to 4 years with parents. A special invitation for all families to share the most extravagant animal stories of the museum and build the most original animal mask. In the afternoon, 15.15 e 16.30, Scienzofficina: “The zoologist tricks” (adults and children 5 years) tests inventive, imagination and manual skills, to explore the many colors and “disguises” the different species of the Museum of Zoology and realize “creature” and imaginary masks.

Carnival is also where the Museum of the Walls, Saturday 2 March, there are guided tours in LIS conducted by the Project Civil Service Volunteers “silent Heritage: culture ... Signboards”. The meeting, for children 5 to 11 years, It includes a guided tour in Italian and Lis the Museum housed inside the Porta San Sebastiano, una delle più imponenti e meglio conservate tra quelle che si aprivano lungo il circuito di Mura costruito dall’imperatore Aureliano tra il 270 and the 275 d.C. Segue una caccia al tesoro/memory; i bambini, divisi in squadre, ricevono alcune carte che rappresentano angoli e dettagli della Porta e del camminamento che corre lungo le Mura e si devono lanciare alla ricerca della carta gemella posizionata lungo il percorso museale.

Visite per tutti alla Casa Museo Alberto Moravia sabato 2 March at 10.00 and at 11.00, a cura di Bellitalia 88. In the attic overlooking the Tiber, Moravia passed the second part of his life. A big house, full of books and paintings, grown to become the place of words, of stories, human and intellectual meetings. A visit to see the public and private side of one of the central characters of the '900 Italian culture.

Sunday 3 March, And go with the initiative terno! Special first Sunday of the month in the Musei di Villa Torlonia (give her 10.00 all 15.00) It provides a teaching operator who accompanies the public to discover all three exhibition spaces of Villa: Casino Nobile, Casino dei Principi and hoot owls.

The masks' grinning’ Nicola Toce: between tradition and innovation it is instead a visit dedicated to the current exhibition at the House of the Owls 11.30, by Francesca Romana Uccella and Nicola Toce.

See you at 11! Special first Sunday of the month at the Museum of Rome in Trastevere is finally a guided tour for adults and families to rediscover the permanent collections of the museum.

The appointment of Archeology in the City this weekend is at Porta Tiburtina to know better the outside. Curated by Simonetta Serra Sunday 3 March at 11.00 by appointment in the ancient Via Tiburtina, 8.

Free entry; free guided tour. Reservations at 060608 (max 25 people).

In addition to the great heritage of the permanent collections, are all the interesting EXHIBITIONS to visit during the weekend in the capital's museums, some of which terminate just the 3 March. We start from two ongoing at the Capitoline Museums, The Rome of the Kings. The story of archeology and The Popes of the Councils of the modern era. Art, History, Religion and Culture. Carrying on, the Museum of Rome The Overtaking. When Italy began running, 1946-1961 It features photographs and video clips from the reconstruction of the country after World War II to the resounding boom of the '60s. Not to be missed, the Modern Art Gallery in Via Francesco Crispi: Women. Body image and symbol of revolution, a reflection on the female figure through artists who have represented and celebrated women in the different artistic and cultural currents climate between the late nineteenth century, throughout the twentieth century and up to the present day. In the cloister garden of the Gallery, Moreover, installation ethics Antonio Fraddosio coveralls and steel, Ilva workers and dedicated to the city of Taranto, extended until 5 May 2019.

At the Casino dei Principi of Villa Torlonia, discreet continuous – Alberto Bardi. Paintings 1964/1984, the great anthology that has received the Medal of the President of the Republic. In shows about seventy works, the most representative of the artist's long activities.

In addition to the extraordinary Lisetta Carmi. The beauty of truth, the Museum of Rome in Trastevere is ongoing exposure Wind, hot, rain, storm. Snapshots of life and environment in the era of climate change with which, through a series of photographs, Greenpeace says climate change.

Inoltre, the Museum of Ancient Sculpture Barraco and the Jewish Museum of Rome, the exhibition dedicated to the archaeologist and art dealer Ludwig Pollak (Prague 1868 – Auschwitz 1943), which tells the professional and personal history of the great collector, its origins in the Prague ghetto, gli anni d’oro del collezionismo internazionale fino alla tragica fine nel campo di sterminio di Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Ai Mercati di Traiano – Museo dei Fori Imperiali Viaggio nel ColosseoMagico fascino di un monumento, una mostra grafica sull’attrattiva che il Colosseo ha sempre esercitato sull’artista austriaco Gerhard Gutruf attraverso una selezione delle sue opere realizzate con tecniche e formati differenti.

Il mito rivisitato. Le maschere arcaiche della Basilicata, the hoot owls of Villa Torlonia, presents 38 works, including masks and sculptures by Nicola Toce narrators of stories related to Lucan territories and their traditions.

The Montemartini welcomes a’ important innovation within their own museum. Thanks to the initiative of the “Discovering masterpieces”, starting from March 1, the public can admire the restoration and refurbishment of the funerary relief of late Republican representing the baker Marco Virgilio Eurisace, rich freedman of Greek origin, and his wife Atistia.

At House of Memory and History Friday 1 March you can visit Lea Constable. Elements of loving cosmography. The exhibition, free admission, It is conceived as a large family tree whose roots are firmly planted in the Abruzzo region and, in particular, Ortucchio (L'Aquila), birthplace of the artist, that is the starting point to explore various aspects of Italian history since the Second World War. Constable Lea has created an exhibition that takes place in three distinct phases - local memory, personal memory and historical memory - through the use of embroidery, of photography and glues.

At the Casa del Cinema, Friday 1 March at 16.00 meeting on the Law on cinema and audiovisual: solutions and opportunities, a handbook on the law by Federica D'Urso. Organized by Teude and 100autori.

In Motion - Emotion. The film by Wim Wenders, Saturday 2 March at 18.00 September projection of One Who Forth: Wim Wenders’ Early Years, di Marcel When, of the 2007. All 16.00 on Sunday 3 March IDROSAURI OF THE FAMILY and THE ISLAND. bets 9 e 10 of the TV series “A house for us” (A home for us).

Sunday 3 March at 18.00 for the section ITALIADOC 2019 screening of the film THE SUN ON SKIN Massimo Bondielli on tragedy 29 June 2009, when a train carrying 14 LPG tanks, entering the Viareggio railway station, deraglia provocando morti e feriti, some very serious. These include Marco Piagentini who spent six months in hospital one of them in a coma. That night lost two sons, Luca and Lorenzo di 4 e 2 years and his wife Stephanie of 38 years. The only remains Leonardo, who was then 8 years. After difficult times and different operations on his skin, Marco has taken over his life devoting himself to his son and the search for truth and justice together with the Association “The world that I would” made up of the families of the victims. “The sun on the skin” It is the story of those who managed to transform pain and anger into determination and courage to a battle of civilizations.

In progress, Moreover, the exhibition Frame, the story in pictures of the new protagonists of Italian cinema: 40 portraits, strictly black and white, of actors who are imposing their presence in the most successful films in Italy as Marcello Source, Award-winning star of the latest work by Matteo Garrone “Dogman”, Alessio Lapice, interpreter of the series on the book by Roberto Saviano “Gomorrah”, Andrea Lattanzi, young emerging delivered in the news thanks to the feature film “Manuel”, Olmi Jacopo Antinori, It is known to the general public due to its role in international television production “Medici: The Magnificent”, Eugenia Costantini and Elena Cucci, protagonists of the film by Gabriele Muccino and Giovanni Veronesi.

For holders of the MIC card is free access to the Civic Museums and archaeological and artistic sites of the Superintendent Capitolina. They are also free tours and educational activities within the entrance fee to the museum, to exclusion of the exhibition The Overtaking. When Italy began running, 1946-1961 the Museum of Rome. The MIC is the card at a cost of 5 EUR allows unlimited entry into the space of the Civic Museums of Rome 12 months. Con la MIC sono gratuite le visite e le attività didattiche che rientrano nel biglietto d’ingresso al museo, by officials of the Superintendent Capitolina, while not including exhibitions at the Museo di Roma Palazzo Braschi and the Ara Pacis Museum.